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La Familia Pawn and Jewelry – Miami

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Miami, FL 33150


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Monday-Friday  9 am to 7 pm  /  Saturday  9 am to 6 pm  /  Sunday  11 am to 4 pm


Welcome to La Familia Pawn and Jewelry shop of Miami, FL!  Here at La Familia, we’re in the business of helping people. Our name means family, and it’s that sense of community that inspires us each and every day. Sudden emergencies, interesting opportunities, and unique challenges can appear at a moment’s notice. Often they can seem impossible to conquer by ourselves.  You don’t need to do it alone when you have La Familia Miami.

Heading to your nearest pawn shop can be an emotional experience. From the excitement of choosing a new engagement ring to finally selling those old tools you never use, life is filled with ups and downs. Our highly-trained staff are here to make your experience as fun as possible. We know you’ll find our family-friendly stores to be relaxed and professional while we work together to solve your problems or make your next dream come true.

For years, we’ve been fortunate to call ourselves a trusted partner to many residents of South Florida.  We’ve made friendships and long-lasting relationships with so many of our customers and, like you, we love Miami.


Our Main Services


Pawn Loans Miami

Sometimes you just need money. We’ve all been there. Unplanned expenses can create a disaster at a moment’s notice and bills still need to be paid. Whatever your need may be, La Familia in Miami is here to work with you to solve the problems of today. We’re happy to offer loans on diamonds, gold, electronics, computers, gaming systems, tools, cameras, musical instruments, and more! We offer friendly terms, no credit checks, and no obligation to repay.  It’s as simple as bringing your item to one of our convenient locations.  A member of our professional appraisal team will guide you through the process and make you an offer.  If you choose to accept the loan offer, we’ll help you be on your way in no time. A loan should be a hassle-free and quick process, the La Familia way.


Quick cash pawn shop

Quality used items never fall out of demand and the best local pawn shops will help you put your old gear back to use. A contractor starting a new business may be able to use those Father’s Day saws you never got the chance to put together. Your mother’s old engagement ring may become a symbol of new love to a couple with an eye for vintage jewels. The video games you no longer play may find a new and much-appreciated home with a young family. The possibilities really are endless. Used goods are back in style and the time has never been better to get the most out of your items. Don’t let your old items go to waste on a dusty shelf. Stop on by La Familia in Miami for a free and easy consultation!


Jewelry Store Miami

One of the best-kept secrets of the industry, your local pawn shop, can often be a great place to find affordable jewelry you won’t find elsewhere. From simple and elegant pieces to more refined and modern works of art, jewelry is the perfect way to say what words just never can. At La Familia Miami, you’ll find a wide selection of incredible pieces to suit any budget with rings, chains, watches, and so much more in stock. Our team of professional jewelers is on hand to offer advice and guide you through the selection process.


We also specialize in offering loans on Jewelry items. From old watches to new diamond earrings and everything in between, our experts are on hand to ensure you get the most value from your precious items. We offer free and professional appraisal services for your convenience. With easy terms, no requirements to pay, and no credit checks, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Jewelry Cleaning and Repair Miami

Jewelry often has value far beyond what the numbers tell us. The memories and moments they represent can mean more to us than any gem or golden setting it seems. It’s hard to rest easy when a precious item is broken. A loose stone or broken setting can occupy our minds and snag on our surroundings. A damaged piece of jewelry can cause further damage and even personal injury if not properly cared for.  At La Familia Miami, we care about your memories and your moments. We promise to work hard to restore your jewelry to its original condition.


Life is messy and your jewelry is no exception.  From dirt and grime to grease and moisture, various elements work to tarnish and wear down your precious accessories. Routine cleanings can help keep your bracelets, rings, watches, and gems in tip-top condition while protecting them from harmful elements than can cause permanent damage. Our extended warranty program also includes regular cleaning and repair services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Stop in and find out why so many have come to trust and rely on La Familia for all their jewelry needs!


Retail Showroom

The items you’ll find in most Miami pawn shops have a story to tell, a history passed on from one owner to the next. Browsing for used items is a chance to become part of that story.  It also helps to save valuable items from a wasteful end in a landfill. Now more than ever, responsible owners are looking to recycle used items rather than purchase new. With lots of life still remaining, these items bring a bit of style and flair into our homes and lives while helping us save money. The vintage stereo you got a great deal on could last for decades while preserving fashion and trends that have all but faded.


Shopping at La Familia Miami is also a great way to save money. Plain and simple. Our team of experts has been trained to find the best deals on quality merchandise in order to pass the savings on to you. New sporting goods and musical equipment is costly. The price of a new tool can often create problems for contractors on a tight budget. With a quality used selection and available extended warranty programs, students, families, and professionals alike can look to La Familia Miami as a trusted partner in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our showroom is spacious, clean, and family-friendly to ensure you a comfortable place to shop and do business.


Layaway Pawn

Our layaway program is perfect for planning those larger purchases that seem to be impossible to save for. Whether you’ve had your eye on a drum set, a table saw, or an Xbox, with just 10% down, you can qualify for our layaway purchase program. The item is removed from the sales floor and “reserved” for your purchase. You simply make payments as you can until the balance has been paid completely.  Then the item is yours to take home! We offer 90 day terms for standard items and 120-day terms for jewelry. Our free program requires no credit checks or fees to initiate. It’s simple, convenient and worry-free, and is a great solution to your savings worries.

Pawn Shop Miami

If you are in need of a pawn shop in Miami that offers a complete set of financial services and top-notch customer service, look no further than La Familia Pawn. Located at 772 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33150, we buy and loan any item of value. Additionally, we maintain a large and varied inventory of jewelry, tools, electronics, and more. We are the pawn shop Miami can rely on.


Quick Cash Pawn

Everyone has to deal with unexpected expenses and other financial hardships from time-to-time. If you need cash on short notice, we can help. We buy all types of valuables including jewelry, tools, and electronics. Turn the stuff you do not use into cash you can spend.

We also loan money on any item of value. Bring us your valuables, and we can offer a quick appraisal, getting you cash with no need for a credit check. Seven of our locations can also offer loans on firearms.


Other Services

If you are looking for something other than cash, La Familia Pawn offers a variety of other services. Plus, if you are interested in something but don’t have the money right now, we can set you up with our free layaway program.

In addition to keeping your jewelry bright and shiny with our cleaning and repair services, we can help you send money with our Western Union transfers.


Visit Our Store

Visit La Familia Pawn’s Miami, Florida location at 772 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33150. We are here to help you with all your financial and retail needs.